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Your First 30 Minutes

Your First 30 Minutes - The ABC's of Successful Classroom Management / Updated Edition       To Order

Life began to look like an episode of "Get Smart", when the doors of activities in every aspect of human life began to slam shut as the Great Pandemic of 2020 steamrolled the world. Like a nuclear bomb, the realities and inequalities of American education exploded in the laps of families. Teachers became political footballs, caught in the whirlwind of confusing, conflicting mandates.

Your First 30 Minutes – The ABC’s of Successful Classroom Management has been updated to address age-old challenges and navigate through new ones that seem to reformat themselves in nano seconds. New chapters such as: Teaching Creatively (and Courageously!) in the Midst of Strait Jacketed Initiatives; The Cake & The Salad; Creating “Life-Link” Lessons; Teach the Test? Teach the Curriculum?; When World Events Hijack Your Lesson Plans; and Flowers From Your Garden partner with earlier chapters to present practical strategies that will empower teachers to create a safe, orderly and excellent classroom environment, despite the tornadic winds that buffet them, their students and their profession.

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About the Authors

Lynne D. Colson

Ms. Lynne D. Colson graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in Cleveland, and has been a classroom teacher since 1993.  She was a teacher and a student for 12 years as she sought to complete the next phases of her professional education.  She is a graduate of Cuyahoga Community College and Cleveland State University.  Lynne also attended Librarian School and received a Scholarship for Reading Certification from the public school system of Cleveland, where she served as a Pre-K to Grade 3 teacher.

Ms. Colson is a member of the National Council of Negro Women and Pi Lambda Theta Honor Society.  Prior to her teaching career, Lynne was employed by the Ohio Bell Telephone Company and the Jewish Bureau of Education.

Delores L. McCollum

Delores McCollum is a graduate of Cleveland’s John F. Kennedy High School and a retiree from the public schools of Cleveland, Ohio.  She spent 27½ years as a Social Studies classroom teacher and 4 years as a Mentor Teacher to high school teachers who were new to the profession. 

Ms. McCollum is a Classroom Management Consultant and has served as Graduate School Adjunct Instructor.  She is a graduate of Atlanta’s Spelman College and Cleveland State University.  Delores, a Fulbright Scholar to the State of Israel, is the author of IF Bible Stories Were Reported in Today’s Headlines . . .

Table of Contents

manage classroom book cover

Table of Contents

A Look Inside . . .


  1. ABC’s for Teachers
  2. Creating Your Educator’s DNA
  3. Important Documents
  4. Activities for the First Week of School
  5. Soft Tissue Issues®
  6. But What If . . .
  7. Teaching Creatively (and Courageously!) in the Midst of Strait Jacketed Initiatives
  8. The Cake & The Salad
  9. Creating “Life-Link” Lessons
  10. Teach the Test?  Teach the Curriculum?
  11. When World Events Hijack Your Lesson Plans
  12. Flowers From Your Garden A Call to Care