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Professional Growth Seminar For Educators

The sound track of the past 2 academic years has included the trauma of a worldwide pandemic, turmoil in your professional life and disruption of your personal routine.You are invited to enroll in Effective Classroom Management for Successful Student Engagement ™. This seminar will support your efforts to move past these experiences, grow professionally and teach your studentsin the new educational reality. It has been developed by a veteran classroom teacher to provide a relevant and practical professional growth experience for classroom and building level educators. The six sessions, which will be presented via the ZOOM platform, are:

  • First Day of School – Your Jitters/Their ANXIETY
    Creating Calm on This Unique Day
    Building healthy Teacher-Student and Student-Student relationships on day one

  • The Building Blocks of a Healthy Classroom
    Designing a Safe Place & a Safe Space for You and Your Students
    Creating procedures, routines and expectations that will ensure emotional and physical safety students need to be active, engaged students.
  • Meet Your Students Where They Are
    Assessing the Knowledge Base of Your Students

    Determining what students know and what needs to be done to get everyone on the same page

  • Developing “Life-Link” Lessons
    Joining Students’ Lived Realities with Their Classroom Experiences
    Engaging students’ experiences with their academics to assist their understanding in the connectedness of between life and school and among school classes
  • Teach the Student or Teach the Test?
    Having Your Cake and Eating It Too!

    Guiding students in how to dissect questions and answers, how to respond to a variety of test questions with success, and STILL teach the academics

  • My Perfect Lesson Plan and Orderly Routines Have Been Upended. Now What?
    Using Safety Concerns, Awkward Questions and World Intrusions as Teachable Moments
    Building your rapport and guiding your students through life events by turning them into teachable moments and applicable lessons

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Session IThursdays: June 10 – 17 – 24 and July 1 – 8 – 15

Session II Thursdays: July 22 – 29 and August 5 – 12 – 1 9 – 26

TIME: 7:00 PM – Eastern (6:00 PM – Central, 5:00 PM – Mountain, 4:00 PM – Pacific

FEES: Class 1:  $117.001  Classes 2-6:  $100.00 Each

OPTION:  6 Classes for the cost of 5 if the balance is paid by Class 4

1Includes cost of seminar text which will be mailed to you


Session I:  Class 1 – Thursday, June 3, 2021  ,  Classes 2-6 – Monday prior to class

Session II: Class 1 – Thursday. July 15, 2021  , Classes 2-6 – Monday prior to class                                         


CashApp or Zelle®    216.906.2477

Mailed Bank Check or Money Order (No personal checks accepted)

Payee:           Successful Classroom Management LLC

Address:        4266 East 170th Place,  Cleveland, OH 44128-3306

Please remember that the mail service is still affected by delivery delays.


The Seminar syllabus will be emailed upon receipt of payment for the first class.

Each seminar participant who attends all six classes and satisfactorily completes all three projects will receive documentation of seminar attendance and participation, and completion of all projects.

Complete Application for Summer Sessions

For Additional Information, please Email or Call:

Delores L. McCollum

  • Cleveland Public Schools (Retired)
    • 27½ Years – Social Studies Teacher – Grades 7-12
    • 4 Years – Mentor to new high school teachers
  • Adjunct Instructor
    • Ashland University – Ashland, Ohio
    • Ursuline College – Pepper Pike, Ohio
  • Field Supervisor – Pre-Service Teachers
    • Cleveland State University – Cleveland, Ohio
    • Consultant/Trainer – Classroom Teachers
    • Broadway Academy – Cleveland, Ohio
    • Chapelside Academy – Cleveland, Ohio
  • Consultant/Trainer – Parents
    • Pearl Road Academy – Cleveland, Ohio
  • Seminar Presenter
    • Glenville High School – Cleveland, Ohio
    • Richmond Schools – Richmond Heights, Ohio
    • Principals’ Professional Development – Cleveland, Ohio

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Delores McCollum