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Who said your vote does not count? One vote per precinct elected John F. Kennedy President of the United States. 

Release Your Power:  VOTE!

is an educational project that has been created to teach about the practical, real-life applications of the United States Constitution, the workings of national, state and local governments, and to encourage life-long civic involvement in and beyond elections.  It is an engaging, hands-on, interactive presentation that has been developed and designed to:

  • Teach the basics of the United States Constitution
  • Demonstrate how “WE, the People” 1787 has expanded
  • Present the history of the struggle for the right to vote
  • Explain the importance of voting down the ballot in every election
  • Train participants in the skill of successful self-advocacy

The full seminar is 3 hours.  Participants of the 3-hour seminar receive in-depth training, a personal copy of the U.S. Constitution and a Certificate of Participation.  Two-hour seminars are also available.  Learn More

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"I enjoyed your presentation very much. I think it was helpful to my [education] interns."
     - A.J., Student
      Teacher Supervisor