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One-on-One Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

So  . . . you just earned your teaching certificate, found a job, and you start in August.  Now what?  You know the theory, you know the rules . . . but . . . do you REALLY know what to do?  Are you wondering:

  • How will I manage my class? 
  • How will I earn and keep my students’ respect?
  • How will I create and maintain a healthy, safe learning community? 
  • How will I learn to deal with the unexpected?


Are you a veteran teacher who:

  • . . . is drained and bone-weary tired, eager to run out of your class at the end of the day, nearly every day?
  •  . . . desires to improve your classroom management skills?
  • . . . still seeks to develop creative, relevant lessons in the age of mandatory testing?

Our One-on-One Coaching Program provides the personalized, individual, professional support to start your career from a position of strength, or rekindle the original fire that fueled your choice to be a teacher.

Delores L.  McCollum taught 27½ years in the classes of Cleveland’s (OH) public schools, and served as a Mentor to high school teachers for four years.  She experienced the thrill of a new teacher, creeping doubt and anxiety, and re-ignition of her original desire to work with young people as their teacher.  She knows the challenges of feeling like a salmon swimming upstream, and the golden satisfaction of regularly leaving at the end of the day knowing it was a good one for her and her students.

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