The Successful Classroom Management Initiative® is a transformative endeavor. Through this initiative, we seek to transform the teaching experience by presenting seminars on classroom management, and providing concentrated support to teachers. Few are the teachers who have been taught classroom management as part of their educational training. Teaching candidates are taught by college/university professors, many of whom have little or no experience with the real life challenges of K-12 teachers. The irony is that teachers are evaluated on and measured by a skill that was not taught during their teaching preparation.

Several formats of interactive, hands-on classroom management seminars have been created to bridge the gap left in the educational preparation of our nation’s teachers. These seminars will demonstrate how teachers can capture and invest in the most critical moments of the entire school year: the first 30 minutes. They will provide practical strategies that will teach educators how to create a safe, orderly and excellent teaching and learning community in their classrooms. Seminar topics include:

• How to establish order and engage students on day one
• How to maximize time-on-task and minimize time spent on distractions and off-task activities
• How to develop a healthy and safe learning environment that promotes a culture of academic excellence 
• How to design differentiated products and collaborative learning activities

Successful classroom management is the result of thinking with the end in mind and working hard to achieve that goal. The ideal end is an excellent school year in which students have learned in a well managed, safe, educationally rich classroom, and their teacher experiences an enjoyable, productive and rewarding year.

Successful Classroom Management Initiative® has developed seminars that teach educators how to develop effectively managed classrooms in which students are actively engaged in their own education.  Managing Your Classroom:  Effective Classroom Management for Successful Student Engagement™ an interactive, hands-on, training seminar, with activities and strategies that can be implemented immediately.  The seminar presentations provide professional and personal growth for teachers in an environment of support by an educator who has real world experience and expertise.


Veteran teachers seeking enrichment through an authenic professional development program

Veteran teachers whose classroom management skills need improvement

Pre-service teachers whose preparation lacks classroom management and/or student engagement trainingInstructors and trainers in other educational programs


To train participants HOW to:

Organize their classrooms centered on respect and built on excellent routines and procedures

Build a healthy, safe learning community in a culture of academic excellenceManage off-task and/or inappropriate behavior, and use office referrals/class removal as a last resort, if at all

Minimize the time used to complete required, non-teaching tasksDevelop and maintain transparent, thorough communiction with students

Diversify and strengthen their educational delivery strategiesCreate activities that engage students in their own learning, and link lessons to their life experiences


One Day - Three Hours

One Day - Six Hours

Two Days - Six Hours Both Days

*Four Days - Six Hours Each Day/Summer Program (+ daily one hour meal break)

*Includes three 2-hour follow-up sessions during the school year

*Participants who successfully complete this seminar format and all follow-up sessions will be identified as Certified Classroom Managers

*Graduate credit available

**Seminars can be designed to fit your time frame and accommodate your budget.

Why are Classroom Management Seminars Necessary?

Classroom management training is absent from the teacher education curriculum of most colleges and universities. College and university professors rarely deal with the type of classroom management issues that must be addressed regularly by the K-12 teacher. They cannot teach what they do not know.

In a 2010 interview with a national news magazine, new teachers complained about the lack of classroom management training.  Little has changed since then.

Teachers are being evaluated on and held accountable for skills that were missing from their teacher education experience. Classroom Management Seminars provide the training for those missing skills.

How will a Classroom Management Seminar benefit my School or District?

  • Principals will be empowered to be the Educational Leaders of their buildings.
  • Teachers will know how to develop effectively managed classrooms that are healthy learning communities.
  • Students will learn in a culture of academic excellence, and be actively engaged in their own education.

We look forward to working with you to develop well organized, healthy and pleasant learning communities for teachers and students.  Please complete the Contact Us Form to schedule a seminar or request additional information.