The Successful Classroom Management Initiative® is composed of several components:

  • Classroom Management - Seminars for  teachers  that provide training for effective classroom management and successful student engagement

  • High School Student Initiatives - Tutoring & Successful Test Taking Strategies for Social Studies Students

  • Student EmpowermentHandy History® - Program that will teach students how to move past the awkwardness, discomfort   and mysteries of the first days of school (Part of Classroom Management training)

  • Teacher Empowerment - Soft Tissue Issues® - Program that gives teachers to tools to address, quickly and effectively, non-curriculum, sometimes personal issues and challenges that may unfold in the classroom (Part of Classroom Management traning)

  • One-on-One Teacher Coaching - Individualized training and support for teachers who need to refresh their classroom management and student engagement skills

  • Release Your Power:  VOTE! - Civic Education and Engagement training for citizens and citizens-to-be age 14+