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 Successful Classroom Management Initiative®

Discover how to

  • remove uncertainty
  • eliminate chaos
  • anitcipate and minimize problems

as you develop the skills of an organized, prepared and confident classroom teacher.


Effective Classroom Management, a course that was unavailable to most veteran teachers, is missing from the curriculum of many pre-service teachers. The lack of authentic classroom management training, the overwhelming pressure of test-driven academics and the realities of the 21st century classroom conspire to make the lives of teachers and students miserable.

The seminars and follow-up workshops offered by the Successful Classroom Management Initiative® provide training and continuing support for teachers by teachers.

You will learn how to:

  • Create a healthy, learning community built on structured routines
  • Engage, manage and motivate your students
  • Develop activities that link lessons with life experiences
  • Promote a culture of academic excellence

The Successful Classroom Management Initiative® is designed to fulfill a need that has gone unaddressed for far too long. Major components of the seminars include:

  • How to manage your classroom effectively
  • How to gain your students' attention, direct their energy and encourage their active participation
  • How to maximize on-task time

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"Thanks for coming to [my school] today! I am looking forward to reading your book and using what I learned today. You have inspired me."    
L.L., High School Teacher